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I'ma Luigi, number one!
I'm game Genie I came here for fun
I'm the best!
Alien Faces, yeah we alien Faces
I'ma Wario Im'a gonna win
Uh, release the codes for my flows
It's Gee-Ø!
If you know about games you gonna love this

Stretch's Verse:

Joysticks over D-pads
Pellets for that Pac-man
I'm Panzer Dragon blowing up by my Dig Dug
Doing with Mr. Do
Level up, collecting clues
By the barrels, I roll 'em down by my Donkey Kong
Rampage when the buildings fall
Crocodiles and pitfalls
Guitar Hero solos playing out my favorite songs
When my Pokemon evolves
If we tag team Tekken it them I'm Paul and Law
Wish my guard impact push 'em back like Soul Calibur
Me and Gene is double ship shooting like Galaga
A Link to my Zelda
My Metroid get "M"-Brain
Ninja Gaiden magic slashing through these henchman on the train
Use the code and save the day
Memory card and save the game
Bomberman up in the maze
Hold a joust and ride an ostrich
Tap the reset button but first blow the cartridge
Techmo Bowl with Bo Jackson when I use the Raiders
I shoot an alien; dodge behind rocks like Space Invaders
Throw a frisbee like Tron
Save families on Robo-tron
That first first-person shooting soldiers was Bond
R.B.I. with Barry Bonds
Red Faction was Mars
Fallout was on DC so you can't forget injustice
Playing GTA where no-one can be trusted
Jack a sports car and leave the cops dusted
Until we get busted
Stackin' sandwiches my Burger Time
PaRappa the Rapper rappin' these retro rhymes

STOV's (Gene Stovall) Verse:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
B A START Barakus for my A Team Clean
Konami Codes
FIFA shell toes

I know my flow be Rogue Squadron bombin em
I'm Diddy Kongin' em
Tomb Raider panty raids
Ultimecia's sex slave

Insane to Leave my Lego Bricks for Multi colored whisper Chicks
Barbie Girls wit (Stop That)
Power Glove a Chun Li kick

I switch The game up when I'm board wit it
Blowing in the cartridge for the easy fix
Put it in and close the lid

Speaking on behalf of Jive
I'm Dr. Jekle
For the benefit of Mr. Heid
Lundgrin Dolphin Ecco

On my Sega Genesis that I borrowed
Broke it and beat it up
Battle Toads over Battlestar Galactica Psycho Nuts

Level up! Reset the situation
Open world third person shooter
Commodore computer
Need dust remover

I'll trade you for my rumble pak if I can get
expansion codes
for virtual aerial Mortal Kombat
We drink at Mario's


from Little Blue Planet In Great Need Of Care, released January 30, 2017




Gee-Ø | George Heid III Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Producer, Composer,

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