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The pain of insane thoughts that we believed would lead to change has done nothing but increase the idea of separation, leading down the road of degradation, inflammation of the heart cries out, producing tears of fears blocking unity of all under the banner of freedom, some believing we don’t need ‘em, those who look different, talk different, dress different, birth different, were born different, pray different, make love different than I, no we, no us, just the lust of distrust among human beings sharing the same planet, don’t understand it, but, man, it’s getting crazy out here, no, it’s been crazy, a craze of days, months, years, decades, centuries of man and woman deluding themselves with the wealth of selfishness, frustration, destructive thoughts, bullet shot, bodies hit with batons, parents crying, and got our children dying in between war and peace.

So where’s the protection we were promised? I know some are being honest when they say they care or value our beingness, but what I’m seeing is a dream deferred, goals wiped out before they had a chance to occur, feeling burned, disturbed, waiting for the word to come from heaven to lift us like leaven to bring forth sustenance for the soul, we feel so exhausted, frosted by the cold vibrations of society that often lies to me, I feel it’s trying me and testing me to see if I will give in, give up, and give away my happiness and faith as I bathe in the world of disappointment, shame, fear and guilt, paralyzing our spirits, giving birth to these lyrics, as I live among hysterics, feeling like I can’t bear it, I can’t bear no more, but then something miraculous happens when I begin to fear no more, hear no more whispers of doubt resulting from false concepts of life, when I begin to go within, trusting self, trusting love to get us through this age, help us turn the page of this chapter that has been going on for too too long, time for a new new song to be sung from the deepest part of our stomach, creating harmonious music as our collective hysteria begins to plummet, from the dust of change we rise, from the dust of change we unify, and create ways to release, create ways to release the next generation from a battle of war and peace.


from Little Blue Planet In Great Need Of Care, released January 30, 2017
Leslie "Ezra" Smith - Spoken Word




Gee-Ø | George Heid III Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Producer, Composer,

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